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New article: Highly Parallel Particle-laden Flow Solver for Turbulence Research

Article: Ireland PJ, Vaithianathan T, Sukheswalla PS, Ray B, Collins LR, (2013) Highly Parallel Particle-laden Flow Solver for Turbulence Research.  Computers & Fluids, 76; 170-177


Abstract:  In this paper, we present a Highly Parallel Particle-laden flow Solver for Turbulence Research (HiPPSTR). HiPPSTR is designed to perform three-dimensional direct numerical simulations of homogeneous turbulent flows using a pseudospectral algorithm with Lagrangian tracking of inertial point and/or fluid particles with one-way coupling on massively parallel architectures, and is the most general and efficient multiphase flow solver of its kind. We discuss the governing equations, parallelization strategies, time integration techniques, and interpolation methods used by HiPPSTR. By quantifying the errors in the numerical solution, we obtain optimal parameters for a given domain size and Reynolds number, and thereby achieve good parallel scaling (sic) (10(4)) processors.

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