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New article: Gel-based optical waveguides with live cell encapsulation and integrated microfluidics

Article: Jain A, Yang AHJ and Erickson D (2012). “Gel-based optical waveguides with live cell encapsulation and integrated microfluidics.” Optics Letters 37(9): 1472-1474.


Abstract: In this Letter, we demonstrate a biocompatible microscale optical device fabricated from agarose hydrogel that allows for encapsulation of cells inside an optical waveguide. This allows for better interaction between the light in the waveguide and biology, since it can interact with the direct optical mode rather than the evanescent field. We characterize the optical properties of the waveguide and further incorporate a microfluidic channel over the optical structure, thus developing an integrated optofluidic system fabricated entirely from agarose gel.

(C) 2012 Optical Society of America

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