Web page updates

there are a few web page updates:

1. there is now a blog that shows departmental publications: http://blogs.cornell.edu/maepubs
2. there is now a blog that shows departmental grants: http://blogs.cornell.edu/maegrants
3. there is now a blog that shows student degree progress and events: http://blogs.cornell.edu/maestudents
4. there is now a simple page highlighting grad students: https://www.mae.cornell.edu/mae/people/graduate-students.cfm. this has a feed that shows the posts on http://blogs.cornell.edu/maestudents and can include feeds from any student-driven blog e.g. student blogs for research groups or SiGMA.
5. publications and grants now feed to research web pages, e.g., https://www.mae.cornell.edu/mae/research/area.cfm?area=105 or https://www.mae.cornell.edu/mae/research/area.cfm?area=195
6. students are encouraged to contact me or laura houghton with ideas for ways to add web content