May Q exams scheduled for week of May 20-24

May Q exams will be during the week of May 20-24 (hopefully May 20-23) unless unforseen scheduling problems arise. Fifteen of our PhD students will participate — let’s all do our part to help our colleagues as they prepare. If there will be mock Qs administered by SiGMA, now is perhaps the time to start planning for that.

My understanding is that we might be able to arrange for a SiGMA happy hour on the 23rd and have the Q exams completed by then, so the happy hour can be a celebration that Q exams are over. i will be endeavoring to manage Q scheduling to this end. Those interested in information about SiGMA activities should inquire with SiGMA officers.

PhD program admissions and admit weekend

Please note that our PhD admission process is proceeding apace and we will be admitting students soon. As has been discussed previously, our plan is to create a facebook event page for our admit weekend, which will happen 1-3 Mar 203. We encourage PhD students to join this event page as a means for facilitating interaction with admitted students.

The admit weekend will have a similar structure as previous years. A key topic this year and going forward is how to optimize the poster session to make it maximally satisfying for current students as well as admits. I encourage feedback on this topic.