How to get Hernandez’s signature

1. If a form is ready for my signature as DGS, please bring to the GFA (Marcia Sawyer). The GFA will arrange for my signature. If the GFA is out of town, bring the form to Laura Black (340 Upson).  I prefer for you to not bring forms to me directly simply because it has the potential to interrupt my meetings with my students, the staff, and other faculty. It may seem like only a moment, but for perspective I once had 4 interruptions for signatures during a 30-minute meeting with one of my PhD students.  Although you might find it annoying, I will refuse to sign a form if you bring it to me, no matter how trivial the form or how soon the deadline.

2. I try to sign forms quickly, but you should expect a minimum 48hr window for me to respond. I travel and do other stuff. So please do not bring forms to me or to Marcia that require immediate signatures.

3. Please do not bring me blank forms to sign (this may sound silly but people do this). I need to know what I am signing.

4. If there are unusual or extenuating circumstances about your form, please let me know. Remember that by asking for my signature you are asking me to accept academic responsibility for whatever results. That comes with my job, but I should be made aware of important issues when they relate to forms.

5. As indicated above, if (and only if) Marcia is not in town, you can drop forms off with Laura Black.

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