Guidelines about assistantships


Guidelines about assistantships are here.


Some highlights, accurate as of May 11 2015 (please check above to see if changes have occurred).  The link above supercedes anything written below, which is meant to be a good-faith summary of important points.

  • TAs and GRAs are on the university calendar NOT academic calendar
  • TAs and GRAs get federal/university holidays but do not get academic holidays.  Assistants are thus off on labor day, memorial day, the period between Christmas and New Year’s inclusive, Independence day, et cetera.  Assistants are NOT off during fall break, spring break, final exam study periods, etc., although of course they can take vacation at that time.
  • TAs and GRAs get 3 weeks of vacation
  • Expected max hours per week on TA duties: 20
  • Expected mean hours per week on TA duties: 15


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