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WORKSHOP: The Faculty Search Process

Info re workshop below.

* there is a short (30 sec) poll at https://cornell.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_7a1WNYbqsMW5anP to gauge interest and identify best time to do the workshop if interest is high enough. If interest is high, I will most likely start the workshop in the next 3-4 business days. If low, I will not do it.

* I am sending notes by email and blog and slack now. However, future information about the workshop will only be on the slack channel #faculty-search-workshop at http://sibleyphd.slack.com. To sign up, go to http://sibleyphd.slack.com, click on “create an account” at bottom and create an acct with your cornell.edu email address. You should immediately be allowed to join the slack team. Spyros Maniatopoulos (sm2296) and Elizabeth Case (ehc77) are administers of the slack team and can help you get started if you have trouble. If you are not a regular slack user, setting up email notifications in slack will ensure that you are aware when there is action on the slack channel.


* PhD students possibly interested in faculty careers. Focus is Sibley School PhDs, and that is who I am advertising to, but all students welcome

* Seniority is not relevant

* Topical overlap with current Sibley School faculty searches is not relevant


* familiarize students with how tenure-track professors are hired, starting with director negotiation with dean for permission to hire and ending with director negotiation of salary/space/startup with successful candidates.

* inform students about our current searches (we have two of them!) and engage them in the process

* give information about and practice in generating one’s own faculty application and evaluating those of others


* level 1: show up for some of the meetings

* level 2: show up for meetings; make practice faculty applications; review applications of your peers; submit evaluations of the dept’s faculty candidates to the search committee

* level 3: be on an ad hoc student committee that plays an active role in the search, presents summaries of incoming faculty to the workshop participants

When I last did this in 2012, 6 people were on the level 3 committee, about 20 did level 2, and about 55 students participated in some way.


Please fill out the poll at https://cornell.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_7a1WNYbqsMW5anP if interested, and please get on the slack channel to receive further info.


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