20 Feb 2014 Faculty Meeting Minutes

Excerpts from the 20 Feb  Faculty meeting that are (a) suitable for public disclosure and (b) perhaps of interest to the broad student community follow.
Unlike meeting minutes, which are official and approved by faculty vote, this summary is mine alone and has not been vetted or approved by the faculty.


Approval of the Minutes
A motion was made by the speaker, Professor J. Burns to approve the minutes of the faculty meeting on
December 19, 2013. The motion was seconded by Professor E.M. Fisher and passed unanimously.
Remarks and Announcements by Director Mark Campbell
The department’s five-year strategic review was discussed, including facilities, hiring, and mentoring.  Two potential searches were discussed.  The faculty were reminded of information they were supposed to send to the director but hadn’t all sent yet.  A Faculty Committee on Program Review is scheduled for Fall 2015.  Joint faculty searches with NYCTech were discussed.  The college and department budget were discussed.
Report from Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, W. Sachse
Mid-Semester Surveys were discussed, as were upcoming prizes and awards nominated or judged by faculty.  A Report on the CCGB meeting was presented.  Final grades are due 27 May 2014.
Announcements from Associate Director of Graduate Studies, Professor B. Kirby
The admit offers went out around Feb 7th, 2014 and the visit weekend is March 7-8, 2014. Professor Kirby announced that soon after the admit weekend, denials will be send out. If Faculty wants to stop Professor Kirby from sending denials to any student, let him know by March 3rd, 2014.

Sibley Graduate Research Symposium: The first symposium is scheduled for March 6th/7th. Professor Todd Humphreys is scheduled as the keynote speaker.

Student pool: 65 students have been admitted with 50 US Citizens and 15 International students; 6 TAM/12 Aerospace/ 47 MAE students have been admitted. Of the 65 admitted, 42 are committed to the visit weekend and 6 are coming on alternative dates. 4 students have been offered fellowships. Dept fellowship funds are expected to be enough this year to support the expected class size.
Discussion of Upson Renovation, Mark Campbell
Professor Campbell discussed the goal to renovate Upson hall and make it a key engineering building for the next 50 years. He presented designs, approximate budget, and key participants in the design.

The speaker, Professor J. Burns, adjourned the meeting at 2:02 pm

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