September 19 Faculty Meeting Minutes

Excerpts from the Sep 19 Faculty meeting that are (a) suitable for public disclosure and (b) perhaps of interest to the broad student community follow.
Unlike meeting minutes, which are official and approved by faculty vote, this summary is mine alone and has not been vetted or approved by the faculty.


A meeting of the Sibley School Faculty was called to order on September 19th, at 1:05pm by Joseph Burns, Speaker.


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the faculty meeting on May 24, 2013 were approved as distributed to the faculty.


Remarks and Announcements from Director M. Campbell (In Absentia, W. Sachse speaking)

Professor W. Sachse gave a brief update on the Upson Mezzanine and Kimball renovations.

Professor W. Sachse informed us of a new financial model for Cornell that gives departments more control of their finances, starting in January 2015.

Professor W. Sachse discussed the status of faculty searches.

Professor W. Sachse informed us that more information will be coming about the direction of the NYC tech campus’s built environment program.


Report from Associate Director of Undergraduate Affairs, W. Sachse

Professor W. Sachse gave an update on the sizes of the 2014 (162 students) and 2015 (163 students) undergraduate class.

Professor W. Sachse informed of us upcoming dates for class surveys (Oct 9-20), a town meeting (Oct 23), brown bag lunch with undergraduates (recurring; Tu 1230-130), grade due dates (Dec. 23), and final exam schedule.


The motion to approve the syllabet for MAE 5150 was called by Professor D. Erickson, seconded by Professor W. Sachse, and passed unanimously.


Report from Associate Director of Graduate Affairs, B. Kirby

An update on graduate recruiting was presented by Professor B. Kirby, DGS for Mech. Eng. and associate director for graduate affairs.  Professor B. Kirby discussed new strategies for recruiting. Discussion ensued.

Professor B. Kirby mentioned that faculty matching lists for graduate students are expected by Oct 18.


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