October 17 Faculty Meeting Minutes

Excerpts from the Oct 17 Faculty meeting that are (a) suitable for public disclosure and (b) perhaps of interest to the broad student community follow.
Unlike meeting minutes, which are official and approved by faculty vote, this summary is mine alone and has not been vetted or approved by the faculty.

A meeting of the Sibley School Faculty was called to order on October 17th, at 1:00pm by Zellman Warhaft, Acting Speaker.

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the faculty meeting on September 19, 2013 were approved as distributed to the faculty.

Remarks and Announcements from Director M. Campbell

Update on renovation: The director updated status and timelines for the mezzanine and Kimball Hall.

Faculty: There will be no faculty search this year.

Budget: The university has adopted a new budget model that changes what role the college plays in obtaining income and distributing funds. The role of the department is still being determined.

Report from Associate Director for Undergraduate Affairs, W. Sachse

Mid-semester course surveys were discussed, as was the proposed undergraduate program in biomedical engineering.

Report from Associate Director for Graduate Affairs, B. Kirby

An update on graduate recruiting was presented by Professor B. Kirby, DGS for Mech. Eng.  The graduate student matching process starts on October 18th. Both faculty and students should

provide lists by that date and matching will start immediately, to be completed as soon as possible.  Professor B. Kirby then provided a summary of what the first year Ph.D. students are doing in the  seminar series.

Reports from regular School, College and University committees.

Professor P. Dawson reported on events in the recent faculty senate meeting.

Motion for voting privileges

After discussion, a motion was passed granting department voting privileges to an out-of-department Cornell faculty member.

Other business

Linda Smiley, MAE research administrator, gave a talk on proposals and pre-awards in the department.


The acting speaker, Professor Z. Warhaft, adjourned the meeting at 2:15 pm.


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