HHMI International Research Scholars Program: Applications needed by 13 Oct 2013 for internal competition

For international students in their 2nd or 3rd year doing research with overlap with biomedical sciences, note that I can apply for you to be considered for the HHMI Intl Research Scholars Program.  I emailed about this a while ago.

I can submit 3 students for the Cornell internal selection process.  I will need to submit the following:

1. One page letter from the nominee’s DGS briefly describing why the applicant was nominated, specifically addressing the applicant’s potential to be a scientific leader and innovator.
2. From the nominee, a maximum two-page description of the intended research, including a brief discussion of the significance and innovation of the intended project, a limited bibliography of key references, and a list of publications and presentations with the applicant’s role in the publication described. Do not exceed the two page limit.
3. One page essay describing a recent scientific discovery, why it was innovative, and how it contributed to the field.
4. Curriculum vitae (maxiumum two pages). Include the following information: contact information including Cornell email address, research experience, including dates, graduate degree information, name of department/program, date of entry into the graduate program, and name and email address of the dissertation advisor(s); list of publications, presentations, and posters; educational history, including names of all colleges and universities attended, dates of attendance, and degrees obtained; honors, awards, and professional activities; Cornell graduate course grades and both undergraduate and graduate GPAs; scores on the GRE or MCAT and TOEFL (if applicable).
5. List and describe any funding the applicant is receiving from Cornell, the government of his/her home country, and/or other external awards.

I will write the one-page letter for Mech Eng’s top 3 candidates, but I will need (2-5) from you by 13 Oct 2013.  My guess is that somewhere between 2-5 students will send me this information; if I receive more than three I will pick the application I find the most selective.  I will only submit applications that I think are competitive, although I’m sure anyone sending this material to me will sent a thoughtful application.

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