Grad student office space–student priorities

the dept will be forced to make some changes going forward in terms of student space. The details of this (timing, magnitude, etc) are all very uncertain, but there are upcoming projects that will change our space for students (Kimball renovation, CS move to Gates, et cetera) and it seems likely these will happen reasonably soon (in next 18 months for sure). The Sibley School director (Campbell) needs to identify priorities for how to best manage this. To this end, I encourage students to let me know what issues are most important for students–proximity to their advisor? proximity to friends? the kitchen? coffee machine? library? duffield? lab? lab members? desk size? network? refrigerator? upson hall? dept seminars? etc. I am not sending out a formal survey because I think people get sick of surverys. but I encourage you to email me or tell me in person–what are the key things you’d hope to gain if your office moved, and what are the key things you would fear losing if your office moved. Let me know

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