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Getting Started with Your Portfolio

These directions will guide you through logging into the portfolio and adding content to it.

You have the opportunity to begin working on an electric portfolio, called an ePortfolio, by completing the Statement of Purpose section. If you have participated in a Generative Knowledge Interview about your goals, then you can use those responses to complete this section.  If you have not done a Generative Knowledge Interview, you can answer the questions embedded in the e-Portfolio. If you would like to complete a Generative Knowledge Interview, please contact the LSC (ejw3@cornell.edu). The interview takes less than a half hour.

STOP Before you continue and follow the instructions below, please be sure that you have contacted Academic Technologies to request a Digication ePortfolio account and request to join the LSC Portfolio Community,

If you have not received this confirmation, please contact Academic Technologies at acadtech@cornell.edu, request a Digication account and  request to be added to the LSC Portfolio Community. Once you have received your confirmation, read the following instructions:

In order to get started with your ePortfolio you must first login to Digitation, Change your Password, and Update your Profile. Here are the steps to do that…  but first you may want to review this brief video overview of the steps. The PSP ePortfolios mentioned in the video are very similar to your LSC e-Portfolio.

Source = http://youtu.be/Gj4HSqdTNw8

Logging In

Your Username in Digication is always your Cornell NETID. Your starting password is your Cornell NETID twice, no spaces, all lowercase (e.g. sse54sse54).

Changing Your Password

After signing into Digication for the first time, you should change your password to something you can easily remember.

Logging in and updating your password (to something only YOU know) are your first steps at working with your e-Portfolio!

Proceed to: Selecting your LSC Integrative Knowledge e-Portfolio Template

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