Heritage and Community

In 2014, Adam T. Smith and I founded the Aragats Foundation in order to encourage and support archaeological tourism, education, and development in the Republic of Armenia, with a particular emphasis on the environs of Mt. Aragats. The Aragats Foundation is the charitable arm of Project ArAGATS, a long-term collaborative program of archaeological research and heritage management inaugurated in 1998. True to its collaborative origins, the Aragats Foundation is incorporated in the US as a non-profit organization in New York State (501c3 status pending) and in Armenia (pending) as a foundation. In all of our activities we seek to join Armenian and American stakeholders into a joint framework based on shared goals and mutual respect. The Aragats Foundation brings its rich experience in archaeological research together with resources dedicated to regional heritage management in order to promote tourism, education, and local economic development. Our goal is to utilize the region’s extensive archaeological and heritage resources as a means to enhance both regional prosperity and global understanding of Armenia’s past and present.

To learn more about the Aragats Foundation, please visit our website at http://aragats.org/.