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About the LMRC

The Landscape Measures Resource Center (LMRC) is a product and activity of Ecoagriculture Partners’ Landscape Measures Initiative (LMI). The LMI aims to identify and field-test practical indicators and measurement methods for ecoagriculture and ecoagriculture-like planning and management initiatives to use in assessing the performance of integrated (multifunctional) landscapes.

The LMI seeks to develop a measurement approach to landscape management that fosters useful communication between local communities and technical service providers including conservation, agriculture and rural development organizations who seek to realize the various benefits of ecoagriculture. These benefits include biodiversity and ecosystem service conservation, agricultural production (crops, livestock, fisheries, forest) and local livelihood security.

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The effectiveness of institutions in enabling landscape level goals for conservation, production and livelihoods to be realized is an important intermediate goal, or ‘conditioning variable’. Therefore measuring institutional performance in integrated landscape management can be a useful predictor of landscape performance. Broad goals and criteria for the performance of ecoagriculture landscapes are described in the conceptual framework document that underpins the LMI.

The LMRC is meant to guide local and external stakeholders to think about land use peopleforest.jpgchange and livelihood strategies from a landscape level perspective, and therefore a spatial (locational) perspective. It is designed to aid in selecting and measuring useful indicators from this perspective, and to use them to assess the performance of landscapes in realizing multiple goals. Resources in the LMRC should be useful, also, in assessing how particular land use changes brought about through deliberate changes in production and conservation practices, livelihood strategies, and/or institutional support systems affect the realization of landscape level goals.

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