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Who I am

Headshot of Bruce Lewenstein July 2017

Photo by Robert Barker/Cornell University 2017

I am a professor of science communication at Cornell University. I am currently serving as chair of the Department of Science & Technology Studies. I am also a full member of the Department of Communication. I am a faculty-elected member of Cornell’s Board of Trustees (2016-2020).

My projects—whether teaching, research, or public outreach—all involve public communication of science and technology (PCST), also known as “public understanding of science,” “popularization of science,” “popular science,” “vulgarisation” [in French], “divulgacion” [in Spanish], “culture scientifique” [French again], “apropiacion social” [Spanish again], “scientific temper” [written into the Indian constitution], etc.  In general, I try to document the ways that public communication of science is fundamental to the process of producing reliable knowledge about the natural world. When I can, I contribute to that process.

This website contains a brief description of my current projects and a list of selected publications, as well as information about my educational background and my professional and academic career, including current and previous positions, affiliations and activities.  A more formal copy of my CV is here.


 Last edited: 11 October 2018