I’m gonna miss blogging

I’m feeling really sad that this is one of my last blog posts.  There are a few reasons why I loved writing for Life on the Hill:

Its the best conversation piece

From my personal to professional life, being a “blogger” is something that everyone loves talking to me about.  I’ve discussed this in probably every job interview that I’ve ever had. Many people I talk to are impressed that I write a blog (even though its more fun than hard work for me).

It guided me as a waitlisted high school senior

I became involved in the Life on the Hill blogging program on a whim.  When I got waitlisted at Cornell as a high school senior, I turned to the blog of a hotelie for insight on what student life is really like. It game me a really accurate and enjoyable account of Cornell from the student perspective-not from the admissions perspective. As soon as I came to Cornell, I knew I wanted to have that same impact on other prospective students.

I had other bloggers to look up to

Jenna Bromberg’s blog was the one that I found in high school-I remember her writing some raunchy blog posts (that her parents made her take down) .  This is especially funny to think about because she was just named one of Forbes 30 under 30who are a group of young professionals Forbes selects for being industry leaders and innovators.

forbes David Schatz ‘14 is another blogger who has written great quality posts.  You should definitely check out his blog-I really strive for quality posts like the ones he’s written. “Elite, Not Elitist” is probably my favorite of his posts!

I feel like a campus celebrity

Ok maybe I’m not a campus celebrity, but when stranger come up to me because they recognize me from my blog? Its the best!  Blogging here often feels like a one-sided conversation so its nice to talk to people who really enjoy my posts. I went to a party one time and met someone who read my blog (hi if you still read this)!

I’m a much better writer

Writing this blog has helped me become a great writer.  I recommend everyone write their own blog (it doesn’t matter if you only have 1 reader or 1000!).  This has helped me learn how to get my thoughts out and articulate exactly what I’m thinking.  I can also type a lot faster now.

I’ve actually contemplated writing my own personal blog for fun. I haven’t decided if I’ll actually commit to doing this, but I found a lot of cool themes that give me more freedom than the Cornell website does.  You all would be my first readers on that site if I end up making a personal blog. Google my name someday and maybe you’ll find it!