Fraser Island

On Friday at 5:15 am, I was supposed to take a 3-day tour bus with 8 of my friends to the worlds largest sand island and UNESCO World Heritage site, FRASER ISLAND.

Guess whose phone was on silent and didn’t hear her alarm?

At 6:52 I woke up much like this:

scary animated GIF

Watch it again. It’s funny.

scary animated GIF

Still funny.

scary animated GIF

My BFF, Mathilde, was not happy with me. I woke up to 18 calls and 52 texts from her. This is her on the bus, with the empty seat where I was supposed to be:


I argued for a couple hours with travel agents and the tour group:


Felt sorry for myself for another hour:

animated animated GIF

And was finally ready to go on the two day tour leaving on SATURDAY.

Saturday morning I woke up at 4 AM with 6 different alarms set. Didn’t sleep well that night because I was afraid I would oversleep again.

Took a bus to Fraser Island though, and it was AWESOME.

It took about 5 hours to get up the coast, then we took a short ferry over to the island.  Some really nice French girls were on my bus so I hung out with them for a lot of the time.

Once we arrived at Fraser, it was all driving on the sand. Most of the cars drive right on the beach, even in the water if the tide is coming up too high. It was bumpy and scary at first, but eventually I got used it.


Fraser Island is home to the purest dingo species. They’re very common and have actually learned to hunt in packs (they’re scary enough on their own!) and is becoming a problem on Fraser. This is a picture my friend took on their bus:


Also-there are so many sharks off the coast of Fraser that everyone pretty much knows not  to swim there. Luckily, Fraser is full of freshwater lakes like these for safe swimming!


Also saw the Maheno shipwreck:


And climbed this not-so-mini-mountain to the best lookout spot on the island.


Went to Eli Creek, a freshwater creek where the water is perfectly cold and clear!


Fraser was especially awesome especially after I managed to meet up with my friends. I was so happy to see them that our reunion went like this:

It was also one of my friends birthdays that Saturday so we celebrated that weekend. Overall a big roller coaster ride for me, but fun nonetheless.

Special thanks to my friends for letting me use some of their photos for this post because the 500 pictures I took were somehow erased from my memory card.

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