8 Things Australia Has That America Doesn’t

1. you can go barefoot in supermarkets and well, anywhere.

Ok not ANYWHERE, but its normal (at least on the Gold Coast) for people to go barefoot or shirtless in supermarkets. That wouldn’t fly in America. But here? No shirt,  no shoes, no problem.


2. Iced coffee=coffee + Ice cream

Why bother adding cream and sugar when you can get both of those ingredients in ice cream?? Genius.


3.meter maids

Tanned models in gold clad bikinis who fill up your meter so you don’t get a parking ticket. Welcome to Surfer’s Paradise.



4. Chocolate waffle cones

Thanks McDonalds (aka “Maccas”)


5. Really beautiful money



And they feature women on their money too. Silly America

6. Goon

Boxed/bagged wine that’s cheaper than Franzia, the American version of the same volatility. If you’re interested in learning more about goon in Australian drinking culture, click here.  And here. Goon is a lifestyle.





7. Tim Tams

Australia’s oreo and signature cookie ( aka “biscuit”)


16 Things You Didn't Know About Tim Tams

A Tim Tam Slam is God’s greatest gift to mankind.
Basically, you bite off diagonal corners of the tim tam, and drink hot coffee, chocolate, or tea through the tim tam like a straw. It makes the chocolate all melty and gooey and THIS is the food I’ll miss most when I leave Australia. For more detailed instructions, click here.

16 Things You Didn't Know About Tim Tams


8. Koalas, kangaroos, dingoes, blue-ring octopus,  etc. etc. etc.

80% of the wildlife in Australia exists nowhere else on Earth. Here are some of the creatures I’ve met since I’ve been here:


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4 thoughts on “8 Things Australia Has That America Doesn’t

  1. I came for the Tim Tams and stayed for the rest! I’m not Australian, but we do have Tim Tams in New Zealand, so I guess you can call me some sort of authority on the biscuits, which I must say deserves a spot on any “best of Australia” list! New Zealand’s currency is better though, if only because Australia coins are huge!

    I have a friend in Houston, Texas, who we visited a while ago armed with a packet of Tim Tams. Needless to say, he now wants to come visit us, just so he can have some more.

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