This weekend I took a quick flight over to Adelaide (South Australia), the same city my Dad is from!

Side note: Sia is from Adelaide!

My flight left on Thursday morning, so I took two buses to get to the Gold Coast airport (it took about an hour, but it was only $5 in comparison to a $25 cab ride).

Its the beginning of the Adelaide Fringe Festivala nearly month-long arts festival with tons of comedy, music, dance, and art shows every night!

Thursday was the opening night. It was held in a park that transforms into “The Garden of Unearthly Delights” during the Fringe:


bFriday night was the big parade through the main street of Adelaide!

e f g h i

On Saturday night I had dinner at my aunt’s house-and we discovered this wild koala in a eucalyptus tree in her backyard!



I flew back to the Gold Coast airport on Sunday and was welcomed by a cockroach in my room much like this one…



Comment with any questions about my experience in Australia or things you’d like to hear more about!

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