Nimbin & Byron Bay

Last Friday morning, I embarked on a long journey to Nimbin & Byron Bay:

A bunch of Bond students jumped on this hippie bus, driven by a shirtless Matthew McConaughey look-alike:


and drove over to Nimbina cute little hippie town:




There, we visited some rock pools, complete with rope swing:



We jumped back on the bus:



And on to Byron Bay! A big beach town with an amazing lighthouse:




Early on Saturday morning, my best friend Mathilde and I went sea kayaking in Byron Bay! The waves were super rough and nearly everyone felt seasick.  One girl dropped her go pro in the water and it sunk to the bottom of the ocean (note to self: go pros do not float)!

Dolphins swam under and around our boat and the water was so clear and turquoise:

i k l


We stayed at a youth hostel for the weekend, featuring live music on Saturday nights:




Overall it was a great weekend-accomplished no homework over the weekend, and that appears to be a trend here. The weekdays are for school and weekends are for adventures.

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