So looking at a map of Australia, I am here:



Taking a closer look, I’m here specifically:

fIt’s a 15 minute bike ride to Miami beach, and a 15 minute bike ride to the nearest mall, Robina Town Centre, which is HUGE:



Public transportation around the Gold Coast region here sucks. It costs about $5 each way to get to the beach or mall so I only take the bus if I’m going on a long trip. Otherwise, I’ve bought a bike that works great as a great alternative (cheap transportation and exercise too).

The main difference between the Universities is in size. Cornell has 20,000 students, whereas Bond only has 4,000 students in total. ¬†Where there are 29 eateries at Cornell, there is only one dining hall, one cafe and one convenience store at Bond. It’s nice to be here for a semester to get the “small school” experience.

And campus, though small, is really beautiful:


And here’s an idea of where everything is in relation to my dorm.



If there’s anything more you’d like to know about Bond or the campus, let me know in the comments below!

Stay tuned for an update on my trip to Nimbin & Byron Bay!


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  1. i’m sorry, i was under the impression you were in Austria.
    Thanks for the maps. Really cleared things up.

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