I made it to Australia after a 5 hour flight to LAX and 16 hour flight to Sydney! WOHOO.



I’ve already done a lot since I’ve been here, so I’ll try to sum it up nicely.

1. I saw the Sydney harbor fireworks.  Was not disappointed.


2. I went to Balmoral beach in Sydney. Didn’t even get sunburned.



3. Visited family farm in Deepwater (New South Wales). You can visit too.



4. Saw wild kangaroos at the farm!

r5. Found this skull of a deceased cow on the farm. This cow died during complications with her pregnancy a few years ago. I located some of her bones and managed to piece these together!


6. Learned how to play the accordion and mahjong. Both are fun to play on rainy days.

7. Road tripped up the coast and had the chance to see the rural “”bush” AKA countryside-very picturesque.


8. Stayed in Fingal Head for a week and walked to the beach every day! I got sunburned a bit here though…


9. Second day at the beach and I spotted a little Man O’ War jellyfish washed up on shore. Didn’t get stung. But I guess its just a matter of time right?


10. Visited the famous Byron Bay-a great beach town with cute lighthouse, shown below;


11. Got a chocolate waffle cone at McDonalds for $1 because ‘when in Rome’ right? They don’t have this kind of amazing stuff in the US!h12. I made it to campus too, but this post is getting WAY to0 long. Stay tuned for an update of what its like at an AUSTRALIAN (pronounced “strine”) UNI.

Comment with any and all questions below!

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