12 Things You Can Find Only at Cornell

Cornell is filled with some really. crazy. people.  When I say crazy I mean creative, passionate, and savvy. Therefore there are some odd things that go on here.

1. The 2015 Men of the Vet School Calendar

Firefighters- step aside.


2. A potato-themed dinner

Yet no french fries.


3. Dragon Day

Freshmen architecture students build a dragon and parade it around campus. Further explanation here.



4. The “Arts quad kid”

He’s famous for sitting in the same spot on the arts quad in a t-shirt and shorts no matter what the weather is like. Oh and he’s always reading a book.



5. Having to cross the gorges to get to class

I’m not even complaining.



6. The famous unicyler

He’s a campus celebrity; usually he just throws his unicycle in the bike rack (I’ve witnessed it) without bothering to lock it…because in order to steal it, you’d need to know how to ride it. Not to be confused with segway kid.


7. This. When you don’t want to bike OR unicycle


8. “FWS: Let’s talk about cool stuff #swag” is a real class. 

So is juggling, advanced riflery, food and wine pairing, etc.


9. Carry that weight

It’s a campaign going on across many college campuses, though Cornell students added a creative twist by leaving this mattress outside of Day Hall, where President Skorton’s office is.
“Skorton here is your oral warning-we’re fighting back”


10. Virtually no affordable housing

At a school where we pay roughly $60K in tuition, there also happens to be a limited amount of affordable, quality housing in collegetown. This means people line up in wee hours of the night in order to sign the lease for the right apartment.


11. Quidditch

Ok FINE other campuses have this too but still…its proof that dreams can come true.



12. “An open place to eat more fruit and talk to strangers

I walked by this in collegetown. They took over a parking spot. The potted plants are a nice touch.


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