HADM 4300: Intro to Wines

In case you were wondering- I’m taking the famed Intro to Wines class

So how does it work?

Class is every Wednesday for two hours (which is a really long time to be sitting in a crowded auditorium); every week we focus on wines from a different region of the world:




You aren’t 21. How are you allowed to take the class?

We taste 6 oz of wine every class-BUT only  in 1 oz portions. One glass of wine=5 oz. So, we have a little more than one glass of wine/week. We aren’t getting wasted!

Why is it the most failed class at Cornell?

1. It’s a pass/fail course,  which means you have to get a 70% or above. There are only two exams for the class. They are difficult exams. Therefore, this is a difficult class.
2. Apart from junior hotelies who need the class as a prerequisite for other cool classes, lackadaisical seniors make up the rest of the class. Most have job offers (or senioritis), so they have given up on getting good grades.
3. People think learning about wine is easy. Unfortunately, the average college student’s wine education is limited to the flavors of Franzia.


Ok but still…learning about wine can’t be THAT hard!

Well it’s all fun and games until we have to memorize things like:

What are the varietal characteristics of a sauvignon blanc?

What is the dominant white grape varietal in the Loire Valley?

How does the microclimate in the Rheinhessen impact the wine there?

Do you have to bring your own wine glasses?

On the first day of class we’re given a 3-pack of these glasses in an ugly bulky kit. Every week, someones glasses fall and shatter it gets real awkward real fast.


Do you even use a textbook?

Yep 🙂

bIs it worth taking?



4 thoughts on “HADM 4300: Intro to Wines

  1. i really like this post lauren. it reinforces my notion that i don’t want to learn about wines i just want to drink wines.

  2. I could not agree more with Kate. I really liked the photos used in this post…the drawings added a creative touch!

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