CSS 1900: Sustainable Agriculture

As indicated earlier, I’m fulfilling my science requirement (yes, hotelies have a science requirement) by taking Sustainable Agriculture, a class in the crop and soil science department!

This class is a requirement for some majors in CALS so that means I’m in a class with a ton of freshman, many of whom have grown up on farms. It’s safe to say that this class takes me out of my comfort zone; every week, we visit a different farm and learn from farmers about what they do, and why they use certain practices (GMO, pesticide, herbicide, organic, etc.).

We have lecture twice/week and take a bus to a different farm once/week.  Traveling locally reminds me of how beautiful the Finger Lakes region is!



Among other farms, we visited:

Early Morning Farm, an organic farm in Genoa, NY that operates a big CSA program (What’s a CSA?):



The Cornell crops garden, where we got to pick and taste plants like sugarcane, peanuts, and even stevia!:



The farm that grows the grain for Wide Awake Bakery-who also runs a bread CSA!



Jerry Dell organic dairy farm, whose organic milk is sold at Wegmans (that’s what I buy now!)


The Cornell Dairy Research Farm, a conventionally operated dairy that Cornell uses for research.



Here I got the chance to see a cow give birth to a baby calf! It made me realize how great classes at Cornell are-further proof that Cornell is the place for any person, any study.


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