My Fall 2014 Schedule

Woah time flies. It feels like I was just talking about my schedule last year?

Anyway- this semester I’m only taking 14 credits.  “Why only 14 credits, Lauren?” Well great question! Because at the same time, I will be:

So only 14 credits is not exactly a walk in the park.

HADM 3210: Principles of Hospitality Real Estate:
This class is a core class for Hotelies. Probably won’t be my favorite because as of now, it seems like my Finance class from last semester but applied to real estate. I’m not bad at finance but personally it is a bit of a boring subject. Just my opinion though!

HADM 4300: Introduction to Wines
Alas, the most talked about class at Cornell. I’m taking it as a junior because it is a prerequisite for almost all of the other classes I want to take in the hotel school. So far, I’ve noticed that the class is filled with either: 1. Junior Hotelies, or 2. Seniors who think the class is easy. Joke’s on them because this is the most failed class at Cornell.  Did I mention this is the textbook?:


HADM 3870:Business and Hospitality Law
3 exams each account for 33.33% of our grade in this class. We are given 6 hours to complete each exam. Naturally, I’m afraid.

HADM 3550: Hospitality Facilities Management
This class teaches students all about the engineering department of a hotel, covering topics like construction, electricity, heating and ventilation systems, etc. Not food related but still kinda interesting!

CSS 1900: Sustainable Agriculture
I’m required to take a few science credits here and there so why not take a cool one? With this class, I’m visiting over 15 different farms in the Finger Lakes region!! Last week, we went to Dilmun Hill student-run organic farm. Check it out in the video below:


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