A Weird Start to my Junior Year

Coming back to Ithaca after only a summer away, you’d think things would be pretty much the same, right?


First of all, I’m a junior- so I’m halfway to the unspeakable, which is graduation

Second of all, being a junior, this means I have to find off-campus housing which is harder than licking your elbow or rhyming with orange-it’s near impossible. I’ll explain to you all about that in another post.

Third of all, I’m living in an apartment with my own kitchen.  This gives me a lot of freedom but also means I have to pay bills, cook my own meals (rather than taking advantage of an unlimited meal plan like last year) and take care of problems like cockroaches in my apartment (better or worse than bats? I can’t decide)

Fourth, there is a TON of construction on campus.  You can turn any corner here at Cornell and see any of the major buildings on campus undergoing construction. Day Hall (Admissions & Financial aid), Goldwin-Smith Hall, and the Statler are all being renovated right now.

The Statler before I left:


The Statler now:


Goldwin-Smith before I left:


Goldwin-Smith now (with the main road running through campus closed until construction ends in 2015):



For some reason, there is always construction going on at Cornell.  

That certainly can be a good thing-bringing new technologies, classrooms, public spaces, supporting offices,etc. to help the students is what makes Cornell unique.  Attending a prestigious university like Cornell means that they have to stay ahead of the game by offering the best of the best. Cornell has to have a beautiful campus with amazing buildings and views in order to compete with other top-tier universities.

What Cornell may not consider is how that affects students. Do I want to see this view walking across the arts quad? No. Will the seniors and juniors get to fully reap the benefits of the 3 year construction going on at Goldwin-Smith? No.

I’m not sure how to get around this problem myself, but it’s food for thought.

Regardless, I’m happy to be back at Cornell and in Ithaca!!

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