Spring Has Sprung!

Well since tomorrow is May 1st, you’d think it has been pretty nice here.  Well think again.
View from the Cornell Chimes

It has been pretty cloudy and rainy over the past few days.  That said, there have also been a couple of really beautiful sunny and warm days too.  The weather always seems to improve here during finals week…the time when students should all be indoors studying.  I myself have  a hard time resisting the urge to go outside to study when it looks like this.

Quiet Arts Quad

On Easter I went to mass on the Arts quad (shown above) and it was beautiful outside!

At least the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom! (For reference: the Washington D.C. National Cherry Blossom Festival went from March 20-April 13.  This gives you a better idea of how cold it is here, knowing we’re 1 1/2 months behind D.C.!!

aFingers crossed for better weather, especially for slope day next Thursday!


One thought on “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. Wow enjoy the spring in New York and good luck on your exams. Have fun on slope day! See you at Colleen’s graduation!!

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