Early Farewell, Senior Bloggers!

Among the many Cornell Life on the Hill student bloggers, we have 6 seniors who will be graduating in just a few months!  Although this is my blog, it isn’t always just about me! Here is a compilation of my personal favorite posts from each of them.

Chris: Chris runs the Cornell tumblr page, sharing awesome Cornell pictures and answering people’s questions about all things Cornell, no matter how weird they may be. Search #personal on his blog and you’ll find all of his personal thoughts and pictures, my favorite being this one, taken on slope day, the happiest day of the year!


Ian:  Ian, the tech and Nike junkie wrote this memorable post a while back.  I distinctly remember it because I had never heard of the 3 positives a day approach but thought it was genius!

Jaudia:  I’ve always loved Jaudia’s posts because she really writes exactly what is on her mind, no matter how controversial the topic.  In this post, she tackles the subject of the “freshman 15” and I love how candid it sounds (Reading this post feels like you’re talking to me Jaudia!)

Keeley:  Keely has always had the most well-thought-out posts. And when she studied abroad in Scotland, her posts became even more comprehensive!! She also has an awesome “About me” page that you should check out.

Lubabah:  I love Lubabah’s candid tone; reading her posts makes me feel like I’m getting a snapshot of her thoughts for a moment in time.  Needless to say, her posts make me laugh.

David:  Of course, I love every single one of David’ s posts.  Choosing to feature just one was difficult, but this one in particular has stuck out in my mind since reading it last semester.  This post discusses balance in the outcome-oriented environment that is the high school/college era.  I have thought a lot about this myself and couldn’t have worded it better myself. YOLO.

The end! Have an awesome final semester all Life on the Hill seniors 🙂


2 thoughts on “Early Farewell, Senior Bloggers!

  1. it’s wayyy too soon for a ‘farewell,’ at least in my opinion, but thanks for the compliment/shoutout!

  2. Hi Lauren, Loved this blog as it tributes your friends who blogged so well. I liked all of them but Ian 3 positives a day was great! Keep warm and healthy my wonderful god child. Love, Aunt Kathy

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