An end to Fall 2013 Semester

The past two weeks I have been caught up in studying for finals and it has been pretty stressful!

Luckily,  there have been a lot of events around campus to beat stress. Here are a few of them:

Puppies!  Students brought a bunch of seeing eye dogs from Guiding Eyes for the Blind to help de-stress students.  This club allows students to raise puppies to become seeing eye dogs.

There was also a cookie decorating event, where I made this little masterpiece

Amid tons of exams (Statistics on Thursday, Finance on Friday, German on Saturday, Marketing today and Wednesday) We got about 7 inches of snow by the end of the weekend!! Because my room looks out onto Libe Slope, every night around midnight I hear people screaming while sledding down the slope….which makes it hard to sleep!  It first began snowing on Thursday.

Ho Plaza:

View from my room of Libe Slope and the clock tower

On Saturday I woke up in the morning to this view:

And proceeded to walk to my exam.  Many of the sidewalks, as you can see above, were not shoveled so it was pretty dangerous.  

Walking down the slope was the most treacherous part.  I’m not even sure if the sidewalk was shoveled because it was still covered in snow and ice:

 On Saturday, after my German exam, some friends and I ventured into the Ithaca Commons for brunch at Mahogany Grill.  It’s a restaurant that I definitely recommend going to! I ate Eggs Benedict for the first time and it was great!

 Among many events in Downtown Ithaca this winter, I got a chance to see pieces from the Ice Carving Competition!  All of the ice sculptures were left out for everyone to see. And since it has been 20 degrees for the past week, they haven’t even melted! 

Ice Mockingjay (Hunger Games reference!)

Ice fireplace

An ice throne:

And an ice bar, fitted with ice bar stools!

And that concludes my final post for the year! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I can’t thank you enough for continuing to read my blog. Stay tuned for future posts!

4 thoughts on “An end to Fall 2013 Semester

  1. Dear Lauren, We have really enjoyed reading all your blogs this semester. What beautiful pictures!!Hope you have a wonderful break and enjoy the time off. Merry Christmas. Love, Aunt Kathy

  2. That’s really cool! I didn’t know that Guiding Eyes did stuff in Ithaca. I’m in Westchester, and I take the puppies in for a few days every few months! It’s so great that students can help out with such a wonderful program.

    On another note, those ice sculptures are really detailed! That must be one of the benefits of Ithaca’s climate 🙂

  3. puppies!!!!! i would love to play with puppies 🙁 and the ice sculptures!?

    lauren, you make cornell seem so fun.

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