HADM 2430: Marketing Management for Services

Since I haven’t really talked much about my classes yet, I figured I’d fill you in a bit on my most interesting class this semester, Marketing!

Meet my professor, Michael Giebelhausen :

I’ve learned a lot of great things in this class, but here are some of the most interesting facts I’ve discovered so far this semester!

1.  A great introduction to marketing is to watch this video about Coca-Cola and how their marketing strategy has led to their position as the largest beverage company in the world (Coke is sold in 206 countries, 100,000,000 gallons every day!).  Its such an interesting but also educational video! Go watch it!
So why is Coca-Cola sucessfull?
  • They are the major soft drink suppliers for the armed forces, at global events (like the olympics, world cup, etc.) and even stayed loyal to South Africa during the Apartheid when other companies removed themselves from the country
  • Coke invented the 6-pack and king sized portions
  • People associate Coca-Cola with good memories because it has a traditional “family” image.  It’s called Coca-Cola Classic for a reason!  They even created the modern image of Santa Clause

  • Logo longevity=brand domination! Coca Cola has kept just about the same logo since it’s birth, in contrast to Pepsi Co., which has changed its logo, and therefore it’s public image, several times!
  • Coca-Cola has recently involved a lot of personalization in their products, including the new Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machine, where you can create any one of 125 different drinks at the push of a button.  These machine are so sophisticated that they automatically send supply and demand data to Coca-Cola for analysis and to resupply each machine!  Furthermore, Coca-Cola recently launched their Share-A-Coke campaign, which I described in my Ireland blog postbut basically you have a good chance of finding a coke bottle in the local convenience store with your name on it as long as you head over to Ireland, Australia, or the U.K.!

2.  A veblen good is a product that people buy because it is expensive, and this price increases a products high status and perception of being exclusive; the price tag is what attracts people to buying goods like Kanye West’s $120 plain white t-shirt that sold out immediately.  Another example of a veblen good is the I Am Rich cellphone app, shown beloe. which costs you only $1000, showing a glowing red gem on the screen and telling you “I am rich, I deserve it, I am good, healthy & successful”…ridiculous am I right?
3.  The International Affective Picture System is a collection of 1,000 pictures that , with thorough research, have been found to elicit specific emotions.  Shown below is what pictures make people happy, with the score (out of 10) of overall happiness…I think it speaks for itself.

4. Holland’s Hexagon is a diagram of traits that groups people together by common traits and allows them to find a career that suits these traits.

The traits opposite from one another on the hexagon are not usually descriptive of one person.  For instance, someone who is conventional is probably not also artistic, but may also be realistic or enterprising becuase these traits are related according to John Holland.  Ironically, my Mom (Animal Science), my Dad (Architect), and my sister (Biomedical Engineer) all fit under the “Realistic” category!  I’m not sure which one I fit under yet, but probably Artistic/Social…the opposite of realistic….

Where do you belong on Holland’s Hexagon? Follow the link above to wikipedia to find out what careers best suit you based on Holland’s Hexagon!

3 thoughts on “HADM 2430: Marketing Management for Services

  1. Giebelhausen is actually one of the best prof’s I’ve had…I took hotelie marketing and it was so interesting

  2. Lauren!!! I love this class too!! and Professor Giebelhausen is my favorite!! I love participating in that class

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