So You Want a Campus Tour?

So sorry for not posting for a long time….this weekend was Fall Break at Cornell (Saturday-Tuesday).   This break really went by way too fast, partly because one of my best friends from home made the trip up to Ithaca to visit me all the way from her school (American University) in Washington D.C.! I came back home on Saturday and head back to Cornell tomorrow and classes resume again on Wednesday!   On Friday I gave my friend a full walking tour of the University, addressing most of the major buildings on campus, so here I will attempt to give you the same tour through photographs. Here’s a view of the route, I marked the spots where I took pictures:

We begin on the 3rd floor of my building, where some creative students inspired by the recent government shutdown decided to create this masterpiece:

We move on, leaving West Campus, walking up the slope to Ho Plaza.  Here’s a view of the western horizon from the top!

From there we walked over to Uris library, inside the double doors and up a few stairs to the A.D White Library, better known as the “Harry Potter” library because its so beautiful!  We saw a bride and groom gliding down the slope with their bridal party following close behind, I’m assuming to take pictures at the bottom of the slope with the beautiful Gothic buildings! 

Then we headed over to the Cornell Store, aka the campus apparel/book store!  They just finished renovations, including a brand new cafe…because we obviously need another cafe on campus…(we already have more than 10 on Main Campus alone!)

Just beside the Cornell Store is Sage Chapel, the non-denominational, on-campus chapel, serving as the final resting place for founders A.D White and Ezra Cornell, in addition to being home to the Cornell University Chorus as well as the Glee Club.  It’s a really beautiful place on the inside, housing an enormous organ at the back.  Last year as a part of my music class (Music 1202: Classical Music from 1750 to the Present) I went to several concerts here, including some organ concerts and some Cornell Glee Club and Chorus concerts!

Next we headed to the Johnson Business School and then over to my second home, the Statler!  To clarify, there are two parts to the building that is The Statler:

  1. The Hotel Side:  Exactly what it sounds like, the Statler Hotel itself.  Nestled in the middle of Main Campus, this is where visitors of Cornell come for a luxurious stay.
  2. The School Side: This is where the professors teach and students learn!  If someone says they’re going to study at the Statler they mean the school side! The “school side” and “hotel side” of the building are connected, which can be confusing for those who are not familiar with this distinction.  You can get from one to the other without leaving the building as long as you know which doors to use (this is only really important if you work in the Statler Hotel).  All other entrances to the Statler except the one shown above, lead to the “school side” of the building. Here is a picture of our newly renovated study space, the Marriott Student Learning Center

Here is the Park Atrium of the Statler, with the new Bill and Melinda Gates Hall in the background:

Hope that cleared things up for you!

Next we peeked inside of Barton Hall, the indoor track and home to big events, like the Ke$ha concert for example!

Next we headed over Thurston bridge and caught this great view of the gorges.  This year they took down all of the gates and fences up along the sides of the bridges and put in nets instead.  This makes it a lot easier to see the beauty of the gorges without struggling to look through fine metal fencing!!

We finally made it to North Campus, the residential part of campus dedicated to housing mostly freshman and a few upperclassmen students as well.

Here is a view of Balch Hall, the all female dorm for freshmen girls.

Just around the corner is Dickson, one of the largest dorms on North Campus

We then headed over towards Beebe Lake, which involved going down a lot of steps

At the bottom of the stairs, we got a great view of the gorges

And after walking along Beebe Lake, another great view from the foot bridge!

Following these gorgeous views of the gorges we headed over past Millstein Hall, the new architecture building

And down the side of the slope to the suspension bridge!  It was windy that day and we could feel the bridge moving beneath us! It was scary and exhilarating all at the same time.  This bridge, unlike the others, had netting up along the sides instead-not all of them are like this!

And we ended the tour heading back for a long nap-too much walking around!  Hope that gave all of you a good idea of how big the campus is and how many interesting things there are to find here.

Is there anything I didn’t cover that you would’ve liked to see on a tour of the Cornell campus?

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    Thanks so much for doing these blogs! I check for them all the time, and they are so cool to read. I’m applying ED to the Hotel School this year, so I love reading your blog. Would you being willing to do a blog about a “day in the life” of a Hotelie? I think that would be really cool to hear about, and it’s definitely one of the things I’ve been wondering the most about as an applicant. Thanks for considering!


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