Celebrities in Ithaca?

These past two weeks, Cornell has seen a host of high profile celebrities! Including:

  1. Aaron Carter: The pre-teen hearthrob of the late 90’s is making  comeback! He has been on tour since February, performing some of his old and most famous songs, including “‘I Want Candy,” “That’s How I Beat Shaq,” and “Aaron’s Party,” in addition to his new single and promoting his new album.  He actually has a good voice and is a great performer!

Me and my friends won a contest to meet him after the show; this is me and Aaron Carter!

2. Third Eye Blind:   The alternative US band came to Cornell the same night that Aaron Carter performed in downtown Ithaca!  They’re a pretty big deal, best known for songs including Semi Charmed Life, and Jumper.  A lot of students went to this concert, but I couldn’t because I went to see Aaron Carter instead!


3. Ke$ha: Probably the biggest celebrity we’ve had in a while, Ke$ha came to perform last weekend at Barton Hall (where the indoor track is- all of the biggest events and concerts are held here!).  While I had an awesome time, I didn’t snap any amazing pictures so these are some of my friend’s pictures from her concert! She was a pretty good performer, and even brought her Mom on stage and introduced her to the crowd!

4. Bill Nye: Also known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill Nye is a Cornell Alum who graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering-where one of his professors was Carl Sagan.  I grew up watching his videos in science class, from 2nd grade all the way to 12th grade as a senior in high school, so I’m proud to say that I go to the same school as good ol’ Bill Nye!  Most recently, he was on the television show Dancing With the Stars, where he eventually had to drop out of the competition due to injury.  Anyway, Bill Nye came to Cornell last week to be the guest lecturer of a few classes, including an Astronomy course, as well as Fluids in the engineering school.  He brought his Dancing With the Stars partner (my roommate got a picture with her!) and the film crew of Dancing Stars to document his visit to his alma mater!  Fellow blogger David Schatz had the honor of actually meeting him in this blog post!  My friend managed to snap a quick picture of him leaving the auditorium, too

In short, it has been a busy time for Cornell! Still a bit starstruck after all of these celebrity spottings!

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