Ithaca Farmers Market

A few weekends ago, I went to to Ithaca Farmers Market with some friends! It was about a 3 hour long excursion because we had to use the TCAT (which is Cornell/Ithaca’s bus system) and doesn’t run all that often. The Ithaca Farmers Market is a large semi-outdoor food/crafts shop with +15o vendors from the Ithaca area.

Its set up under a huge wooden roof (for lack of a better description) and has open sides-its built in among a bunch of trees and is also right on the water!

They have boat tours running along the river throughout the day:

Some examples of things you could find at the Farmers Market?

  • Maple syrup and MAPLE COTTON CANDY (cotton candy made from maple syrup…its to-die-for!)
  • Homemade ice cream and fresh-made waffle cones! As an ice cream expert, how could I resist? Creating the hot waffle cones:

And my coconut ice cream…mmmm….

  • Locally grown vegetables and fruit, including corn, peaches, pumpkin, butternut squash, apples, greens, herbs, various other local produce
  • Hand crafted goods like clothing, wooden utensils/tools, jewelry
  • Apple cider! Boy do they know how to make good apple cider up here!
  • Fresh cut flowers, which I got for my roommate in celebration of her birthday:


  • Lots of baked goods including pies and danishes specifically
  • Art studios’ works for sale
  • Finger lakes cheese companies selling all types of cheddar and brie
  • Eclectic styles of food including fish & chips, Tibetan, Thai, Cambodian, and Sri Lankan cuisines. There are many refugees that live in Ithaca that come from Cambodia and Sri Lanka specifically.  Many of these people work at Cornell but it looks like some have also started their own businesses here in Ithaca and at the Farmer’s Market!


In conclusion, this place is great! I really recommend coming here if you happen to be visiting Ithaca.  Its kind of a hidden gem to visitors but a great place to go if you have the time.  Its a great place to buy gifts or eat lunch and look at what Ithaca and the Finger Lakes area has to offer!

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