What’s New On Campus?

Since classes have begun, I’ve noticed a lot of big changes that have taken place since just this summer!

The new Bill and Melinda Gates Hall is looking better than ever, although still under construction:


This new building will be the new home for Computer and Information Science at Cornell, expected to be finished this December.  It’s positioned right across from the Statler and from Barton Hall so I get to see it every day.  Its really modern and atypical, with large shades fanning out from the glass facades, designed to keep out the strong sun rays.  This is what it is expected to look like upon completion:

For more information about the building, you can read this blog to track the progress of the construction!

There’s also massive construction happening on both sides of Goldwin-Smith Hall, one of the largest buildings on campus, where nearly every Cornell student has had at least one class during their career here.  It’s pretty ugly looking right now, and will be until October 15!!! They’re building Klarman Hall, a new humanities building which you can ready about in the Cornell Daily Sun, the school newspaper.

I captured that photo right next to this one, which was a tribute to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Students could buy these flags to support Veterans.  It looks pretty  nice!

Did I ever mention that my #1 weakness in life is ice cream? (As a result of working at a creamery for 2 years in high school).

So it doesn’t help that THE CORNELL DAIRY IS NOW OPEN:

Here, Cornell will be making its very own ice cream (inspired by Penn State’s famous creamery).  Right now, they’re selling Perry’s icecream (the same brand of ice cream served in the dining halls) but by the end of the month, they will begin producing and selling the ice cream on site! I can’t wait….I was spoiled by homemade ice cream for too long…I need it back!

Also, upon returning to the Cornell store to buy textbooks, I felt pleasantly surprised to discover that they finished construction over the summer! They have added a large skylight, cafe, lounge area, and seemingly more merchandise as well:

This new room is filled with quotes by famous alumni, including E.B White, the author of The Elements of Style, which my high school English teacher argues is the greatest little grammar book ever written.

And his spot in the Cornell store!

So there’s an idea of the recent transformations of the Cornell campus!

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