Every week, there are a few events organized by each house of the West Campus House system to get students to meet new people, explore campus, and the greater Ithaca area.

Being a part of the Flora Rose House on West Campus means that I can participate in various events/outings on campus designed just for Rose house residents!  These events can range from a trip to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market, an all-day outing to Niagara Falls, or dinner with assorted Cornell professors (those are all events just from this week!)

Last weekend, Rose House organized a trip up the 161 steps to the top of the iconic clock tower!

Here are some of some of the people that went, including the children of the Rose House Professors and Graduate Resident Fellows.

It was a long and seemingly never-ending trip up to the top-161 steps!

The “chimesmasters,” who are responsible for playing the chimes throughout the year, go through a rigorous audition process in order to be 1 of 9 members that have the honor of filling the campus with beautiful music! Here is one of them, showing us how the chimes work as we requested songs:

The chimes automatically go off every hour beginning at 8 (which is rough on mornings that I get to sleep in) and throughout the day, the chimesmasters play various songs.  On this trip, I managed to cross another one off of the 161 Things to Do at Cornell List! (I’ve crossed off a few already)  I completed #114: Request a Song to be played on the Clock Tower! When we arrived at the top, they first played the “Psycho” theme, then the “Up” theme , and finally, the Cornell Alma Mater! The room where the chimesmasters play is pretty small and was packed with people, so I decided to go up one more flight of stairs to the top where it was about 20 degrees cooler, and where I could look out at the amazing views.

But as soon as the chimes started playing, they were so loud that we immediately covered out ears, screaming in shock and wincing at the loudness of being right underneath the bells! It reminded me exactly of the Mandrake scene from Harry Potter.

This trip was filled with great music and great views of campus despite it being a cloudy day.

View of Libe Slope, West Campus, and Ithaca behind it

Willard Straight Hall on the left, and a bit of the slope on the right

Libe Slope in the foreground, and Cayuga Lake all the way in the back! Beautiful, no?


Sage Chapel on the bottom left, then Barnes Hall in the middle, and Sage Hall in the back!

This trip made me really appreciate how beautiful Cornell’s campus is.  Its a kind of beauty that can’t really be captured in pictures all the time.  These pictures above give you a good idea-if you’ve never been to Cornell/don’t live here- of what its like here and what we students get to see all the time.  While any campus can have perfectly green grass and nice buildings, not all of them can be surrounded by natural boundaries like the gorges or Libe Slope or get an incredible view of what lies beyond campus!

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