Off-Campus Adventures

This past week I’ve gone off campus a lot, which is actually pretty time consuming.  I rarely have any need to leave campus except for fun or to eat food at chain restaurants.  While its great that everything is given to us on campus, its safe to say that I would go out of my mind if I couldn’t get away from campus every once in a while.  While the campus is beautiful, and the people are awesome, its nice to have a change in scenery every now and then and to go places you haven’t gone before.  And this week, for some odd reason, I have been able to go on quite a few adventures throughout Ithaca!

Last Friday began my excursion to the Ithaca Commons! I first went to a bank with my friends, and while I was waiting for them, I befriended a beautiful dog! Super obedient…the opposite of my own dogs at home

Then we went to Urban Outfitters, one of the only stores here for me to shop at, and landed a nice dress for $15!  We also saw this pretty cool fish just hanging from the ceiling in an alley….thought it was picture-worthy, even though it was taken on my low-resolution Blackberry camera:

Then we had dinner at viva Taqueria, a cute Mexican place at the edge of Ithaca/Collegetown with great and affordable food! Mind you, affordable for a college student means extremely affordable-we’re talking $6 and $7 meals here people, that’s cheaper than Chipotle and Panera!

Thanks to my Mom, who accidentally put money on my citybucks account and not my laundry account at the beginning of the semester, I had money to spare at any of these random restaurants in Ithaca.  I invited a few friends along for lunch at Applebees (it was the most convenient place on that list-we still had classes to go to!) and it was great.  I could just be saying this for a few reasons

  • I wasn’t paying for it out of my own pocket
  • I’m accustomed to dining hall food
  • I haven’t eaten at a full service restaurant in months

But REGARDLESS it was nice to have a real meal and to get off campus and enter the real world! 

And every meal is made better with these

Finally, I saw this movie tonight which was incredibly inspirational and I recommend that if you’re reading this, you find a way to see it.  I saw it through a friend’s fundraiser.  But use the power of the internet to find where its playing nearest you!!

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