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Well since it’s Thursday and I only have one class tomorrow, I figure I would indulge you in some the most interesting/favorite things on the internet.  This both helps you procrastinate and helps me share some cool info with you!  So sit back, relax, turn up your volume and make some popcorn and I will bring the entertainment to you!

  • Do you miss your dog?  Do you wish you had a dog? Do you just plain love dogs? Then the puppy cam is perfect for you! Watch puppies LIVE 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!  Being at college, oddly enough, I sometimes miss my dogs’ bark (call me crazy).  With this site, problem solved!
  • This week, in my foodservice operations class, we spent a class learning about some not-so-hot concepts, including the Heart Attack Grill.  I won’t lie, I was pretty disturbed after watching this video and knowing that people died while eating at this restaurant.  Luckily it has been shut down and now people in Vegas will be forced to eat HEALTHIER foods (gasp).  We also learned about The Modern Toilet, a restaurant based in Tawain that is exactly what it sounds like:

  • More importantly, we learned about some hot restaurant concepts, including Panera locations where you pay what you can!  Then there’s NINJA NEW YORK, the restaurant I heard about on my own where ninjas are the servers and they drop from the ceiling and go through ninja training.  Professor Lawrence then introduced us all to this extravagant business

  • My favorite animation of all time is definitely Rhapsody in Blue, with music by Gershwin, and art partly by and partly inspired by Al Hirschfeld, the same artist who draws celebrities and hides the name “Nina” in them (the name of his only child).  This 15 minute clip was featured in Fantasia 2000 not only for its amazing music but for its similarly beautiful animation.  I first learned about it in art class during high school and since then can not stop watching it!
  • Following Rhapsody in Blue, this video shows how animations were made (before the rise of all-things-technological).   Animation is something few people understand.  A lot of work evidently goes into making the illusion of motion, and the more work (the more cells created), the clearer and more fluid the animation is!
  • Finally, this website is hilarious

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