Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

First of all, my Aunt and Uncle are the best for sending me this:

I went to mass in Bailey Hall today (they moved it from Sage Chapel so they could fit everyone!) and it felt weird not being in a Church for mass.

Today is the end of Lent so I can now eat chocolate, soda and fried foods again (all in moderation….kind of).  So naturally I had french fried, buffalo wings, mozarella sticks, chocolate milk, chocolate chip pancakes, and a chocolate muffin today.  All washed down with a can of Coke that I brought to school with me from spring break (we are, unfortunately, a Pepsi campus).

Starting on Thursday is Hotel Ezra Cornell, or HEC, for short.  To put it simply, HEC is an annual weekend-long-student-takeover of the Statler Hotel.   HEC is a showcase of everything that us Hotelies learn throughout the year and at HEC we can put this into practice.

While some of my friends created the menus and will be cooking for the banquet events this weekend, other friends of mine will be designing the events, or serving and escorting guests to their rooms (including many notable alum and important figures in the industry).  My professor for Hotel Operations, Reneta McCarthy, is the faculty advisor for HEC.  Ironically she also reminds me of my Mom (HI MOM). 

This year I volunteered to be a photographer for the weekend, which means I’ll be in the kitchens, responsible for taking photos of everything from a focused student chopping herbs, fileting fish, butchering meat, plating a course, or the servers taking the plates to the dining room. I’ll also be taking multiple pictures of each item!  Luckily you’ll get to see a lot of these pictures!!

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. You’re so lucky you’re a part of SHA!
    I’m still an high school junior and Cornell (esp. the SHA) is my dream school!
    I happened to come across your blog and love it!
    Life at Cornell seems really fun and interesting, not to mention the fact that you seem directly on the path to achieving your goals!

  2. The SHA is an amazing school and good luck next year with the entire application process! I hope my blog is giving you an interesting and helpful perspective on life in the hotel school!

  3. It really is, I’m looking forward to seeing more!

    And I’m looking forward to doing my application. I want to apply early decision to Cornell!

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