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I will be staying with two others at a friend’s house near Boca Raton for about 5 days during my spring break!  It was my first time buying airline tickets on my own, and I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to finally see the sun (you think I’m joking? unfortunately not) and relax for a while! Luckily, before I leave, I’ll also get to spend some much needed time at home and see my friends too!  So until March 15, I’ll be counting down the days to my freedom and to literally seeing sunlight and blue skies again.

But what I’m really here to tell you about is CORNELL DINING…which is ranked #3 in the country.  That’s right, I will be summarizing the experience of Cornell all-you-care-to-eat (not all-you-can-eat, because that’s improper) dining halls all in one post.

To start off, my feelings about dining halls here have always been simple-AMAZING.  While not everyone at Cornell thinks this way, I will always love dining halls here because its easy for me to find something that I’m in the mood to eat, whether savory, sweet or a little of both.

Upon move-in day, I looked out the window for the first time to see this beautiful view:

The chefs love taking their smoke break-I think there are 10 of them there…

The 10 dining halls here offer amazing items including unlimited ice cream (my weakness), sushi, french fries, cooked-to-order mongolian food, custom omelettes and pancakes, Belgian waffles, should I even go on?

On North Campus(where Freshmen live) there are 3 dining halls, 1 on main campus, and 6 on West Campus(where upperclassmen live).  All of these are a little different in their atmosphere and in the foods they serve.

In addition to serving the foods listed above, every so often our dining halls also host theme-nights, including

  • Yum-Yum: coconut curried chicken, Korean pancakes and short ribs, Japanese maki rolls, Vietnamese noodle bar, spinach salad with orange and avocado, udon noodles, red curry beef with Thai vegetables, Kaboucha with Saipan sauce, scallops Cantonese style.
  • Fall Harvest: Varieties of smoked meats and cheeses, corn chowder soup, lobster pizza, pulled pork pizza, mac and cheese, oyster po’boy, buttermilk chicken tenders, garlic prawns, pad thai style soy marinated tofu, porchetta pork loin, seared coho salmon filet, Cornell apple bread pudding, sweet honey cake & spiced plums with vanilla bean ice cream
  • Mardi Gras: Served shrimp and sausage jambalaya, Cajun beef tip kabobs, spicy fried catfish, alligator corn fritters, blackened tofu, king cake, and a fondant cake in the shape of a pig. Plus, live music from local band Gumbo Ya Ya.

This week I even had the pleasure of meeting the head chef of RPCC, North Campus’s largest dining hall, in my Chef’s Chemistry class!  [Fun Fact: RPCC serves about 1,200-1,600 students daily.]

But, what comes with serving hundreds of students every day? Mistakes, one of which I have captured:

Alcohol Mushroom Marinara? What?

We also have some not so-nice dishes, including Berries & Bulger, in addition to “truck stop meatloaf”- I mean who actually wants to eat truck stop food?

What does this even mean? If you do know, please comment!

I love dining halls so much that they are what get me up in the mornings for those 8:40 classes-especially when I know I have this waiting for me once I get out of bed and over to Appel:


All in all, I love dining halls here.  The biggest problem I have here is finding fruit.  They only put it out (like grapes, cantaloupe  honeydew melon, and grapefruit) for a few hours in the morning and from then on its not available.

But, some of my friends at other schools have it a lot worse so overall I really can’t complain.  Good food at school is something many students overlook when making their college decision, and it can really make your college experience much better!

One thought on “[Fine] Dining Halls

  1. Hi, Lauren!

    Reading your blog is sooo much fun!!!!
    just by reading your blog, i can feel you as a really loving, friendly and funny person.
    i just want to tell you that I learned a lot about Cornell’s hospitality from your blog, and your Cornell experience really inspired me to dream about attending this wonderful place one day!

    oh, forgot to introduce myself.
    My name is Maggie, i’m a formal high school senior right now, from Chino Hills, California.
    i really love culinary arts, and one of my dream job is to become a chef too! (just like you! hehe.
    I just decided to apply for school of Hotel Administration for it’s early decision.
    i had actually visited the school this April, during spring break!
    and of course, i love it! Cornell Dairy Bar’s ice cream was amazing, even it was kind of windy that day lol.
    all i want to say is, you are such a great writer, I really enjoy reading your life. ( do i sound creepy?
    and i secretly read your spoon university articles too lol. (now i’m totally a creeper.)

    anyway, i really hope you keep posting, but i know you just graduated, so even if you don’t. i still appreciate all your lovely posts.
    thanks for everything!

    Maggie (the little creepy fan) 8.29.2016

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