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On “Video, Flows, and Real Time” | Maurizio Lazzarato

In “Video, Flows, and Real Time,” Maurizio Lazzarato reduces the materiality of video art (as an artistic medium) to its raw survival and dependence on being a sole, technical essence of electronic energy. He establishes his assertion on what only seems to be true: video art is an electronic flow which exists in real time, an “electric light” with nothing but “pure information,”– a “medium without expression” we are inadvertently unable to touch.

To me, by experiencing something completely virtual, we are still able to experience video art in its fullest potential of disseminating the qualities of any “artistic experience upon encounter.” Though we are masked from experiencing the universality of artistic tactility, we are induced to use our senses in an imbalance of exaggerated proportions: resulting in a strange liberty to experience the moving image in a (euphoric) ratio between the olfactory and visual. Whether one element supersedes the other or neutralizes the opposing element with harmony, both effects disburse a completely different atmosphere in experiencing the moving image.

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On “Video, Flows, and Real Time” | Maurizio Lazzarato

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