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Video Project III Brainstorming: Politics Between Static Objects?

Site Recite (A Prologue) (1989) | Gary Hill

Designating certain objects to metaphorize a particular idea, exploring the space (relationship) between them, and how they enhance or demean each other

Ideas to embody all at once…
Sculptural empowerment through sound
Create an immersive environment in a site-specific installation
Compose an experimental soundscape
Anthropological relationships or issues
History and archives
Write a free verse that explores the texture of voice/power of narrative
Defragmenting cultural linguistics: reduction to human-language universality (Hollis Frampton)
Choose objects (sculptural, artistic, or personal?) and personify them through interactive media

Crowd-sourcing | global networks | voluntary participation

– exhibit the object themselves in a circle
– document/film the created “narrative” of the objects behind their exhibition sphere

Projecting moving image on sculpture
Political commentary or critique (Arthur Lipsett – static images empowered with sound, open-source archiving, mass media politics)
Responding to religious narrative or biblical recitation through the “uncanny”

Video Project III Brainstorming: Politics Between Static Objects?

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