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Happy Halloween; Here’s Some Alex Prager

How can I forget Alex Prager when it comes to re-created horror stories? In lieu of Halloween, and my recent 16mm film which incorporates a few bizarre and surrealist ideas, I thought I’d consciously write down one inspiration I always keep at the back of my mind: Alex Prager’s “Touch of Evil” series– short films inspired by ‘nefarious icons,’ which was once featured in the New York Times.

I particularly love the short which alludes to Clockwork Orange, as well as the individual feature of Mia Wasikowska, and then Brad Pitt’s, respectively. Not a fan of Ryan Gosling’s though.. At all.

With my last project being stop animation, I think the Rooney Mara film moves me the most. The objects around her, as well as some solidified energy which stands for  time (expressed through mystical, invisible movement), direct her. Everything around her moves so fluidly yet she is the one that looks like the un-real cartoon, the one who is the component of stop-motion, and as if someone is directly animating her, like a puppet. The music is disturbingly en poignte, in regards to what I actually encapsulated to juxtapose in my own film (when Alyssa starts to dream)– something circus-like, mysterious, and eerie, such as an out-dated jewelry box whose musical winding-crank is based on that vintage, metal needle..


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Happy Halloween; Here’s Some Alex Prager

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