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“Fabric Fetus” Re-visited, Part II: Digitally Projected Panels, Sound, + Immersion of Space

(Part I on Sep 04, 2014 blog entry.)

Projected the micro-elemental qualities of my fabric fetuses at a not-so-micro scale today.. But in colour!

Also, on another note, sound becomes crucial in part II. It starts out as abstract and terrestrial and then transitions into the ambience of wild noise. This is supposedly bizarre because I am juxtaposing an abstracted and ‘un-readable’ material with sound that encapsulates a very particular habitat. The viewer is therefore forced to embrace the environment as some sort of fictitious reality. Because the materials are essentially fabric, over-layered and distorted until the fibrous qualities become unknown, the relationship between the material and immaterial suddenly becomes jarring.
Though a bit repetitive in my film documentation, I tried to offer two distinct (left versus right) directionalities and perspectives as you tour my space, virtually. I also wanted to differentiate the effect of standing in front of the space at a distance, versus being empowered by it up close. The chair was placed as a prop, to first remind the viewer of the massive scale of the piece itself, but also to offer a strange and eerie invitation for the viewer, to decide, whether or not a chair is appropriately placed to simply ‘sit and enjoy’ the environment. Also, the actuality of the chair itself placed in such an abstract environment creates an interesting dissertation, which reminds me of the boundaries and limits which Concretist ideas are formulated upon.

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“Fabric Fetus” Re-visited, Part II: Digitally Projected Panels, Sound, + Immersion of Space

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