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Self-Portrait | “Lotus Flower”

The ‘skin’ of the Mantra worn externally, embedded in silk


“Lazy Hands” inspiration: “Mongolian Lady,” Performed by Darkhia Damba

Lotus Flower, the national emblem of my country of origin, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


Lotus Flower: Ni, the center of the Buddhist mantra (scripted in Tibetan) “Om Mani Padme Hum.” The form on my skin however is not found in the form of a lotus, as I am interested in the first state: the natural, imperfected and ‘unpurified’ mantra, when human flaws (according to the mantra, weaknesses such as emotions – sadness, tears, etc., which I have a few instances of in my film) are simply beautiful and definitive of being human. I want to explore how Ni, as focused on repetitively as a close-up in my film, serves as the motor or central energy which my gestures and movements are excited and ‘channeled’ by, thus, turning my movements into a subtle dance and exploration/freedom of my body, as opposed to the connotation of the Lotus Flower in my own culture being limiting, and restricting, in regards to my country as a whole, especially for women.

Still from film: “Bindi,” in my culture, originally worn as a symbol to justify a woman’s marital status..


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Self-Portrait | “Lotus Flower”

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