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Yasmil Raymond: On Attention and Art

As an ambassador to Thomas Hirschorn, Yasmil Raymond discusses her role as ambassador in promoting the installation of the 2013 Gramsci Monument.

Some of Hirschorn’s work includes collages composed of aluminum, paper cut-out, etc. More of his recent installations art as a means of facilitating social and political implementations. In “Spectre of Evaluation,” Raymond regards his work as a ‘Freudian slip’– where an awkward balance between anatomy, judgement, and mental-mapping is interwoven-ally translated. As an artist, how he wants to direct his energy is explored through anatomical-like venn-deagrams. He is furthermore interested in the notion of creating ephemeral artwork that has the potential to be ‘vandalized’ by or frustrated by a particular audience. Furthermore, he takes advantage of the various hubs and living styles in cities, which reflect upon the diversity in which the artwork is placed in. “In order to protect his work, he has to to be present…”

-In New York, the “Forest House Community” asked to be segregated.
-Like selling carpets, he tried to sell his “maps” to the community
-he only accepted members of the housing development to participate in his installations
– Marxist demonstration drew from people who had not been exposed to script nor every prepared to perform through rehearsal, all in honor of the “Gramsci Monument” installation/demonstration
-the “Running events” always had the largest audience
-Fred Moten
-Tonia Foster
-Robin D.G. Kelley


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Yasmil Raymond: On Attention and Art

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