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Re-Visiting My First “Final Crit” in College

"Translations: Voiding Between Dimensions. Annoying the Mechanical Thinker." Mixed Media on Fiber/Gram Paper. 20 x 30" (3), 12 x 14," 12 x 16." Laureen Andalib

“Translations: Voiding Between Dimensions. Annoying the Mechanical Thinker.” Mixed Media on Fiber/Gram Paper. 20 x 30″ (3), 12 x 14,” 12 x 16.” Laureen Andalib

In the excitement of planning the conceptuality of my independent exhibition next semester, I wanted to revisit my bizarre fascination with manipulating urban design, and ‘abusing’ its ability to translate mechanical ideas as maps for construction in my first semester independent project. I recall I was fascinated by the idea of virtuality, and how the spilling between two completely different surrealist, technological worlds (i.e., the disparity between the 2-D and 3-D) can often, in essence, actually be a fluid space to ‘telepathically’ transfer data between for the architectural thinker, engineer, and urban designer.

Project statement, 2013 Dec:
“For this project, I explored how the language, translation, and importance of minuscule elements in the visual representation of mechanics and dimension act as ‘DNA,’ and likewise, how a simple tweak in expression can communicate an entirely different design. I executed the gestures of technical expression through the distortion of ‘overlaying realms:’ (2-D and 3-D layouts all at once) convoluting layers complexly atop one another to project almost an impromptu or ironically ‘blinded’ artistic technique, though the micro-elements are so calculated..”

Though my art since high school has been highly embedded in the concept of improvised stylistic technique and abstraction, I have yet to decided if I would like to extend this installation into a larger investigation or create larger works in response to these.

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Re-Visiting My First “Final Crit” in College

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