Finals are upon us

Sounds of college students in tears, smells of brewing coffee and pages turning are all occurring across the nation, as students prepare for finals.

This semester went incredibly fast. Undoubtedly the fastest semester I’ve experienced at Cornell, my third semester has taught me a couple of things, or better yet, re-taught me.

-Finals week is cold. Really cold. DO I really have to walk up that hill to go to Uris?

-I want chocolate. Reading makes me crave cocoa… or is it more the stress?

-24 quiet hours? What is that? Am I not allowed to yelp at my distress?

-home is so close… yet so far.

I have three finals next week, and they’re all consecutive (daily). I have one for French, Government, and Anthropology. They’re all written. Newsflash: multiple-choice is hardly a thing in the social sciences. My finals are relatively light, considering that they’re not until next week. However, I need to study soon, because time seems to work differently around here–it FLIES!




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