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Linking to the Code Project

A link, archived below for posterity, describes how to connect a blog to the Code Project.  I would mind having some more readers commenting on my posts, but of course I’d have to create some content worth reading.  Which is the trick, isn’t it?

Add Your Technical Blog

Not dead yet…

To paraphrase from The Holy Grail, this blog had the chance to go an entire year without being updated, but this has been foiled!  There (apparently) a way to put a link on these postings so that when I put a posting in my Google+ stream, the comments on Google+ get posted here and vice versa, which is supposed to be really good for self promoting – I mean social engagement – heh :-).

Polishing up loose ends

Wow!  This poor blog has been languishing, not that anybody’s noticed!

This week has been about cleaning up loose ends.  I’m looking forward to the feedback from the zone managers on alarm traffic for service requests in their zones, and moving forward with the EBS metering, in spite of shifting tracks a few times.

The BACnet-IT-WG teleconference was really informative, I’ve been out of touch with the process for quite a while. I was concerned that the work I have been doing on the BACloud would be very different and incompatible, but actually I think it can be complimentary.  This effort includes references to BACnet clients and servers that are not “binary” and BACloud is all about supporting “binary” networks.

Parallels Cloning

I decided to get my Parallels installation up to date, which was easy, build a new Ubuntu Server VM (which didn’t happen from a disk image, but worked from an ISO), and install/check out our code (easy).  I attempted to clone the machine rather than go through the process again and networking failed.  Apparently I’m not the first one with this problem, I found the solution here, so it was easy to edit /etc/network/interfaces and rename eth0 to eth1.

ISA Building Automation Systems Division

So another group is launched, this time within the ISA.

The Building Automation Systems Division was organized for building automation professionals who design, build, install, troubleshoot, operate and manage building automation systems, and who seek to adhere to best practices to ensure optimum system operation and performance. The division was formed to aid these professionals as they apply available standards and technology to building control systems.

I’m pleased that they don’t seem to be developing new standards but helping adopt ones, I don’t think the industry needs more standards.

Well, maybe a common programming language or platform.

New Google+ Pages

I created a pair of Google+ pages, one for BACpypes and one for the BACnet Firewall Router, then added links to them from the Sourceforge project home pages, generated from the Sphinx sources and committed to the subversion repository which you can see from the Trac sites. I’m pretty sure that’s about as much social media I can fit into these projects without my head exploding.

Of course there should be some work on the code at some point :-).

Woof! Woof!

I am the proud recipient of the German Shepherd Award from BACnet International. Thank you BACneteers, and you can bet that I’ll continue to go sniffing around and see what havoc I can raise, this is a great pack of people.

Trello Organization and Boards

I saw a post from Robert Scoble about Trello and decided to jump in and check out the water. Not bad so far, I haven’t done much except I created a BACneteers organization and added boards for BACpypes and BFR to it for good measure. There could obviously be lots of other boards, like those for the SPC working groups, but I thought I would keep it simple and just dump my two projects there.

Join if you would like, it would be interesting to know your success at joining the organization and putting “stuff” on the “boards”.

BACnet Networking Talk

A big shout out to the ASHRAE folks that put together the 2011 Southern Tier Professional Development Symposium today. They had quite a mess on their hands after the flooding in Owego, and they did a great job finding a new venue, and thanks to the Marriott in Binghamton for shuffling around the rooms and schedule to make space, in spite of being in the middle of their own clean up.

I had a great time with my talk and slides. I only ran three minutes over, which isn’t too bad for me, and I really tried not to abuse the fact that I had a captive audience.

CotSF Gets a Hymn

The Church of The Sacred Fruit doesn’t have a theme song, how about a collection of hymns? This iTribute video is excellent. Thank you Timeflies Music for the posting the lyrics too!

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